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Monday, August 30, 2010

Spaying or Littering?

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As you may have noticed in the photos lately, I'm still in my diaper. It is a really comfy diaper and I hardly notice I'm wearing it. Dad keeps forgetting to take it off when he lets me out to pee, so it gets washed a few times every day. This part is almost over and I can't complain, but mom and dad are looking forward to not having to worry about some stud looking me up.

Since I'm on the topic, I wanted to bring up a subject that can sometimes be quite controversial.

Spaying or Littering?

As you all recall from my Gorgeous Dog Contest, I'm a pedigree dog, having come down from the famous field dog, Maverick.
My mom has lots of experience raising puppies, as you can see in Tierra's first post and she also used to help her family raise Jack Russell Terriers before she bought Tierra.

Mom and dad are debating whether or not to have me spayed or have me prepared for breeding when I turn 2 in October.

In order to breed me, my parents think it is mandatory that have my hips OFA certified to ensure my puppies won't genetically inherit hip displasia which is common in labradors. My dog mom, Tierra, had her hips certified excellent. It is very rare; I might have excellent hips as well.

I will also need my eyes certified to make sure my puppies won't inherit a genetic problem with eye cataract; this problem is also common for labradors.

Lastly, I'll need to ensure that I don't have any doggie STDs with the progesterone test. I could go the whole way and certify my elbows while I'm on a roll.

All of those tests would need to check out for mom and dad to consider taking the next step. It can get quite expensive but they would love to have a litter of puppies with me and I know I would make an amazing mommy.

If everything comes out positive, I don't see why I shouldn't pass my amazing genes and personality down the line.

Mom and dad are still debating, but I really want to know...

What is your opinion on spaying or littering?


  1. I got spayed when I was a puppy before Sarah got me. My breeder did that so irresponsible people won't make puppies... I don't mind..

    ANYWAY... you have been awarded on my blog, at I hope you love it!

    Cuddles and licks,
    Love Miley xxx

  2. If you find a worthy guy, I think you should pass your gorgeousness down a line! Of coarse, puppies are hard, but if you plan it and be a good mother (which I'm sure you will be), I think it'll be good.

    Goofy Kisses,
    Love Miley xxx


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