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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Blab Labs dot com!

I love writing on the Blab Labs. I think I'm going to be doing this for my whole dog life so I asked my dad to buy me the domain name for when I get more serious about this.

Of-course, I didn't just expect a yes. When I asked dad to buy me the domain, I offered to give up treats for a week, eat cheaper dog food, and shorten my walks by five minutes a day so that he would be more open to the idea. (I knew he would just shake his head and tell me he would never do that anyway.)

I was surprised when Dad didn't want to just buy the domain name. He found a really good deal online, and thought it was way better to buy the whole hosting package for hosting a website! I couldn't argue with that, so Dad bought two years of hosting and the domain name. I just needed to find out how to build a website!

Being a labrador and not a laboratory, I didn't have a clue how to build a web site. Thats why I asked dad to build it for me and he said he would!!

He will make it just how I like it, and in the meantime he will be teaching me a few things. Isn't that sweet? I have the best dad ever!!

Now this is where I need your help. We're going to be moving to and we want you to move with us. Would you do that?

Its going to be rough at first because dad built the web site in a day...please come, we want to welcome you to our new site even though it is still under a bit of construction!

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