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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Last Post!

The move is official. No more posts on this site!

Go to to keep up with us on our adventures!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tierra Tuesday: How I learned to Swim

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I've told you all about my miss in My Life Story...and now I want to share how my miss helped me learn to swim.

I was just a little puppy, probably only about 4 months old, when Miss brought me to the small pond on their farm.
It looked awful BIG to me, so when she tossed a stick in there, there was no way I was going to chase it.

Miss told me to sit. I was very little but I had already learned to sit and stay. I sat down and when miss told me to stay, I did so.

I then watched in horror as miss walked away, to the other side of the HUMONGOUS dark pond.

I was very upset but tried to look eager so miss wouldn't keep me there for long. When miss called me I dashed through the long grass to get to her, hopping over a couple gopher holes, clambering along a steep hill and sliding to a halt on the other side. I looked around in confusion. Miss wasn't there? I looked across the pond... and there she stood calling me, right where I had been sitting!

I dashed around again, and again, and again... and every time she did the same thing. When I changed directions, miss changed directions. When I stopped, Miss stopped. It was brutal. There was nothing I could do to get to her....unless....

I looked at the threatening water and back up at Miss. Perhaps I could somehow run across? I had never seen so much water before and I knew I couldn't drink it all if running didn't work... but I NEEDED to get to miss. I had to get to her. What if something happened to her while I was on this side of the water? I yelped one last time, threw myself bravely onto the glaring pond, and started running.

Strangely it worked. Running was strangely comfortable and I realized with delight, I was moving forward! It was this amazing sensation I had never felt before. It was AMAZING! The glossy water felt both cool and warm, both hard and soft, and was absolutely exhilarating.

Miss was cheering on the shore and when I came out of the water dripping wet, she welcomed me with open arms. I was SOOOO excited.

Of-course that wasn't the last of it. I immediately turned around, jumped back in and fetched that stick that was still floating in the water. I didn't want the fun to end so mom kept throwing the stick in the water and I kept fetching over and over again!

That was how I learned to swim...and guess what? Swimming to fetch sticks out of the water is still my very most favourite thing to do.

How did you learn how to swim?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Spaying or Littering?

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As you may have noticed in the photos lately, I'm still in my diaper. It is a really comfy diaper and I hardly notice I'm wearing it. Dad keeps forgetting to take it off when he lets me out to pee, so it gets washed a few times every day. This part is almost over and I can't complain, but mom and dad are looking forward to not having to worry about some stud looking me up.

Since I'm on the topic, I wanted to bring up a subject that can sometimes be quite controversial.

Spaying or Littering?

As you all recall from my Gorgeous Dog Contest, I'm a pedigree dog, having come down from the famous field dog, Maverick.
My mom has lots of experience raising puppies, as you can see in Tierra's first post and she also used to help her family raise Jack Russell Terriers before she bought Tierra.

Mom and dad are debating whether or not to have me spayed or have me prepared for breeding when I turn 2 in October.

In order to breed me, my parents think it is mandatory that have my hips OFA certified to ensure my puppies won't genetically inherit hip displasia which is common in labradors. My dog mom, Tierra, had her hips certified excellent. It is very rare; I might have excellent hips as well.

I will also need my eyes certified to make sure my puppies won't inherit a genetic problem with eye cataract; this problem is also common for labradors.

Lastly, I'll need to ensure that I don't have any doggie STDs with the progesterone test. I could go the whole way and certify my elbows while I'm on a roll.

All of those tests would need to check out for mom and dad to consider taking the next step. It can get quite expensive but they would love to have a litter of puppies with me and I know I would make an amazing mommy.

If everything comes out positive, I don't see why I shouldn't pass my amazing genes and personality down the line.

Mom and dad are still debating, but I really want to know...

What is your opinion on spaying or littering?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Blab Labs dot com!

I love writing on the Blab Labs. I think I'm going to be doing this for my whole dog life so I asked my dad to buy me the domain name for when I get more serious about this.

Of-course, I didn't just expect a yes. When I asked dad to buy me the domain, I offered to give up treats for a week, eat cheaper dog food, and shorten my walks by five minutes a day so that he would be more open to the idea. (I knew he would just shake his head and tell me he would never do that anyway.)

I was surprised when Dad didn't want to just buy the domain name. He found a really good deal online, and thought it was way better to buy the whole hosting package for hosting a website! I couldn't argue with that, so Dad bought two years of hosting and the domain name. I just needed to find out how to build a website!

Being a labrador and not a laboratory, I didn't have a clue how to build a web site. Thats why I asked dad to build it for me and he said he would!!

He will make it just how I like it, and in the meantime he will be teaching me a few things. Isn't that sweet? I have the best dad ever!!

Now this is where I need your help. We're going to be moving to and we want you to move with us. Would you do that?

Its going to be rough at first because dad built the web site in a day...please come, we want to welcome you to our new site even though it is still under a bit of construction!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Come with us!!

Hello beloved followers!

We (Emerald & Tierra) are very dedicated to entertaining our followers with our fun adventures and occasional video tutorials so we decided to make this more serious.

We just moved to where we will be continuing this wonderful art of doggy blogging. (We figured we might as well make the move sooner than later, but Emerald will tell you more about how it all fell into place on Sunday) Please find us there and connect with us so we don't lose you.

Meanwhile, please excuse any awkward layouts-we'll try to keep it in order but we will be undergoing some crazy construction for the next couple of days!

Alright...sniff your way over to

We're waiting there to welcome you!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Gorgeous Me Contest!

You know. I was wondering the other day... "How can it be that I am so beautiful?"
I mean, look at me.
I couldn't have gotten it from my dog mom. She and I look very different. She is still pretty, but a very different kind of pretty and I think my beauty definitely surpasses hers.

I decided to research my pedigree. I went to my papers and looked up, you guessed it--my dog dad.
His name is Maverick and I knew he lived in Saskatchewan so I googled him.

Wow. He is almost my look-a-like. Sure he is a little bigger than me, but now I know where I got my gorgeous face.

Check out these photos. I am on the left and he is on the right.

Just look at us!!

Okay... now here is where the fun begins.
Make a guess. Is this a picture of me or my dad?

Who Am I?

Make sure you put your guess in the pawprint comment box!
I'll let you know the answer on Sunday!