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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tierra Tuesday: How I learned to Swim

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I've told you all about my miss in My Life Story...and now I want to share how my miss helped me learn to swim.

I was just a little puppy, probably only about 4 months old, when Miss brought me to the small pond on their farm.
It looked awful BIG to me, so when she tossed a stick in there, there was no way I was going to chase it.

Miss told me to sit. I was very little but I had already learned to sit and stay. I sat down and when miss told me to stay, I did so.

I then watched in horror as miss walked away, to the other side of the HUMONGOUS dark pond.

I was very upset but tried to look eager so miss wouldn't keep me there for long. When miss called me I dashed through the long grass to get to her, hopping over a couple gopher holes, clambering along a steep hill and sliding to a halt on the other side. I looked around in confusion. Miss wasn't there? I looked across the pond... and there she stood calling me, right where I had been sitting!

I dashed around again, and again, and again... and every time she did the same thing. When I changed directions, miss changed directions. When I stopped, Miss stopped. It was brutal. There was nothing I could do to get to her....unless....

I looked at the threatening water and back up at Miss. Perhaps I could somehow run across? I had never seen so much water before and I knew I couldn't drink it all if running didn't work... but I NEEDED to get to miss. I had to get to her. What if something happened to her while I was on this side of the water? I yelped one last time, threw myself bravely onto the glaring pond, and started running.

Strangely it worked. Running was strangely comfortable and I realized with delight, I was moving forward! It was this amazing sensation I had never felt before. It was AMAZING! The glossy water felt both cool and warm, both hard and soft, and was absolutely exhilarating.

Miss was cheering on the shore and when I came out of the water dripping wet, she welcomed me with open arms. I was SOOOO excited.

Of-course that wasn't the last of it. I immediately turned around, jumped back in and fetched that stick that was still floating in the water. I didn't want the fun to end so mom kept throwing the stick in the water and I kept fetching over and over again!

That was how I learned to swim...and guess what? Swimming to fetch sticks out of the water is still my very most favourite thing to do.

How did you learn how to swim?

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