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The Blabbers

Emerald loves anything to do with WATER. She loves chasing deer or anyone else that will run away from her. She enjoys car rides, chewing rawhide bones, swimming, fetching tennis balls, going to the dog park, clicker training, finding treats, and lots of other things. Emerald was introduced to her humans this summer and is still learning proper manners and behaviour along with some fun new tricks. She enjoys learning and has proven that she is incredibly intelligent. She has a fun dog-personality that keeps her humans laughing every day. Emerald is known for her endless appetite for affection, which you can witness for yourself on her video tutorial, Get Pet 101.  Emerald writes the majority of the blog content and will try to post a new video every Thursday.

Tierra is a loving senior dog. She is going on 70 in dog years. In spite of her age, she acts like a lively puppy, never hesitating to seize any game of tug-of-war or jump in the water for a game of fetch. Like Emerald, she loves water, though she really only likes to fetch sticks. Tierra loves visiting the dog park--she uses her motherly love to find the insecure dogs and help them feel comfortable. She enjoys gnawing on rawhide bones, tug-of-war, "Find It" (hunting for treats), and eating anything that is considered part of the food family, aside from lemons. She has a bag of tricks that she likes to show off. They include roll-over, shake-a-paw, other paw, balancing food on her nose, and saying whatever you ask her to "say". You can read about Tierra's interesting life in her post, My Life Story and hear from her every time she contributes to the blog on Tierra Tuesday.