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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tierra Tuesday: My Life Story

Its my first Tierra Tuesday so I’m going to share my life story…this will be my LOOONGEST post ever, so you don’t HAVE to read it. Hopefully it isn’t too boring for you…Here is my happy-sad story.

I was born in Alberta and went home with my Little Miss. She was 16 when she brought me home and I was her pride and joy. She taught me many things and I loved her almost to death. Her family was nice too but they didn’t like dogs as much as Little Miss did, so I didn’t listen to anything they told me to do. I only listened to Little Miss. They didn’t like that much but I didn’t care. I only loved Little Miss.

One day I jumped up onto the trampoline and jumped off on the other side but didn’t see the patch of ice there. Pain tore through my left leg. The Dr said I had torn a ligament and I needed an operation. Miss was beside me the whole way. She studied in the garage, reading her textbooks out loud to me, in preparation of her high school exams. While my leg healed, Miss and I bonded a lot. I realized she was the most important person in the world.

When Miss's family moved to the city, Miss started going to work. When she was at work, life was a little lonelier during the day. I would wait all day for Little Miss to come home so we could go rollerblading all through the town until late at night. Winters were awful because Miss couldn’t take me rollerblading. We would go for walks in the snow every day but Miss hated the outings because it was so cold in the howling Alberta wind. Sometimes she would sneak me in the house and her dad pretended he didn’t notice because he knew how much she loved me.

I am undeniably a gorgeous dog so Miss found me a boyfriend and I had a litter of puppies. We had so much fun playing with my 9 little babies and finding them each a loving home. It is one of our best memories together.

It was so sad for me when Miss grew up and moved away for college. Her mom and dad didn’t want to take care of me so she was trying to find me a home where she lived, so she could still visit me. While she was gone, some friends asked if they could have me. They knew what a great dog I was.

That’s when I met my new family who took me to Saskatchewan. They were wonderful and had two little kids. I love kids so even though I missed my Little Miss I was happy in my new home. I had new pawrents who loved me. They took me everywhere and instead of rollerblading in the summer, I went along with them biking.

Slowly their family grew and they became busier. In the meantime, I had two more litters of puppies. Those were my best moments. I loved being a mom. I hated watching my babies leave so I was thrilled when my pawrents decided to keep Emerald.

As Emerald grew up and my own human family grew, it became very hard for them to have us. Emerald was a lot of work because she needed so much exercise and training and my pawrents were so busy with all of their kids. Summers were fun because we would take the kids to the park and to the lake where Emerald and I could go swimming but winters were very hard because there was little time for us to have walks.

One day I was surprised by a familiar scent. It was my Little Miss!! She had come to visit me and my pawrents. We were so happy to see each other.

That’s when she found out how busy my pawrents were. They told her they were thinking of giving us a new home. My Miss was hopeful but she left without us.

One day my pawrents took Emerald and I to a strange place in Alberta. I had no idea what was going on until my Little Miss came and visited us with her husband. (I met him a couple times before she moved away and I liked him) They took us for walks every day and a couple days later, they took us to a car with big trailer behind it. Emerald and I hopped into the back seat and we drove for a whole day and night. We slept most of the way.

When we arrived on Vancouver Island in BC, we set up a tent and camped. We lived in the tent for 2 weeks while Miss and her husband searched for an apartment to rent.

Nobody wanted to have us dogs in their apartments so Little Miss and her husband were really excited when a really nice couple rented their basement suite right on the ocean. We were excited too. Now we can go to the water every day and swim.

I’ve come to realize that Miss and her husband are my new pawrents. Miss keeps saying how happy she is to have me back and that I’m going to spend the rest of my life with them. I've got a lot more grey hair now that I'm 9 years old, but I’m so happy… I follow Miss around everywhere. And sometimes, just for memories sake, I ignore her husband and only listen to Little Miss.

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  1. Little Miss loves you very much. :)
    I especially like the photo of you and her on the hay in the country. :)

    Your puppies are beautiful - like you. :)
    I'm sure they have loving homes and have there own Miss.

    Oh, and it wasn't boring in case you were wondering.

    Cuddles and licks,
    Love Miley xxx


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