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Monday, August 16, 2010

An Award!! For ME???

Wow! I am learning so much about blogging from all you other blog dogs. I'm pretty excited because today I even received a reward from some of my new blog dog friends-- Wilma, Brigitte, and Sluggo! They've been blogging for quite a while on Wilma the Pug so they're already pros. Okay. *Drum Roll* Check out my reward!!!

Yep thats it! With this reward, I'm supposed to first write seven things about us that you don't already know and then pass on the reward to 15 other blogs, who apparently then must do the same thing. This is fun!! Here goes!!

1. I secretly think I'm superdog. I jumped off a 18 foot ledge the other day. I made Mom and
Dad scream in terror--and then came running up the hill with only a scratch. Dad says I'm not allowed off leash if there is anything to jump off. BOoooRING!

2. I keep checking Ebay for something that will give me a perma-wet coat. What? Humans get permanent curls...why can't I be permanently wet?

3. People keep asking mom and dad if I'm part pitbull. I'm a purebred chocolate lab but I don't mind that people think I have a noble look.

4. Pugs always have a crush on me. Tierra always has crushes on younger males. Mom calls her a cradle robber.

5. Tierra thinks that her age earns Senior Rights. She keeps giving mom and dad "the look" when they violate her supposed Senior Rights.

6. Tierra can say whatever humans ask her to say. She said she'll demonstrate one day.

7. Tierra had three litters of puppies before she retired and was spayed. I was in her third litter.

Now I have to pass on this reward... this is the hard part because I'm so new to this blog world. I've decided I'm going to start with five and maybe I'll have more friends next time I get an award. Meanwhile, the remainder of this award goes to every other new dog I meet between now and then!! :)

1. To my new water friends because water is so great!

2. To my new friend who is nobly speaking up for the misunderstood Pitbulls.

3. To Ying and Yang because they are Oh-So-Cute!

4. To the Road Dogs because they're so adventurous, cute and funny.

5. To Shawnee the Shepherd because Tierra likes her.


  1. Wow! Thanks - that's very sweet of you!

    I think people think you're part Pit Bull because you have that big, beautiful head, just like some Pit Bulls do!

  2. Hello we are your newest followers, welcome to blogger world. We look forward to reading more.
    Your Friends at

  3. Thanks for sharing those great nuggets with us.Brigitte has a major crush on the Chocolate lab next door from us. She runs to the fence first thing before she even does her business.
    Around here, they call us cougars when we go for the young pups. I can't help it, they are so cute.

  4. Oh, I just commed over to introdoose myself coz you lefted me such a nice commenty and I see you has gibbened me an award! Yay! Thank you furry much! I has, howefur, been gibbened this award alreddy (3 udder times, how kewl is that?) but I is still werking on it so I be adding you to my listy of award gibbers and I post it when I is done, k?

    OK, so to ansser your kewstshun, I has a bloggie follower button thingy like you duss only it be on the rite side down below unnerneath the spay/nooter video - and I is heebing a sigh of releef now that you be spayed :)

  5. Thanks for following Erins blog. Congratulations on the award. For a beginner blogger your blog looks great! We'll be visiting often to see what you two girls are up to.
    Erin & Mom

  6. Aww, thanks for our award and for following us! We're working on our acceptance speech now and hope to post soon! We love the water, too! Can't wait to read more about you guys!
    The Road Dogs

  7. Congratulations! Good luck with future blogging! :)


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