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Saturday, August 14, 2010


Today Tierra and I decided to go for a stroll to the beach on our own. Our mom and dad were setting up some new "used" furniture and it was a hot day so we decided to leave for just a minute and come back before they'd notice we were gone. We went just a few blocks-- running, swimming and jumping over the waves. It was soo fun but we decided we'd better head home so we shook ourselves off and hurried along the rocks to the path up the hill.

We really were on our way back, but then, well, I found the delicious smelling dead seal that I have been wanting to chew and Tierra found tons of starfish to eat. Our mom and dad never let us do any of that fun stuff, so we just couldn't resist staying a little longer. We figured they'd never know.

We were wrong. Mom and dad did notice we were gone and spent 30 minutes hunting the neighbourhood. Dad said they were looking along the street because they thought we ran off after a deer--until a neighbour said, "If they're labs, I'd be looking along the beach!" Mom was so worried when we were gone and so happy when she found us, she didn't even get us in trouble, though she did keep saying I smelled horrible.

We got to go swimming in the clean river and played fetch for hours. Mom said she was trying to get the smell out but now she says I still stink "like a dead animal" and says I need a bath..ick. I didn't mind fetching but I've never had a bath here so I'm a little nervous!


  1. Parents never understand that you work so hard on that dead animal smell! :)

  2. Oh, I can't help but laugh at how adventurous and mischievious you are, but Mom said I can't encourage that type of behavior. She said you guys worried your Mom and Dad sick, and should never leave the yard without a parent(boooooring)
    Either way, I left you an award on my blog. Not for going on adventure,or eating seal carcasses, but cuz I like you. I hope some of my friends stop by to say hi.

  3. Hi Emerald and Tierra! I am sooo glad to meet you and love that you are water doggies too - and in such a gorgeous place! Wish I could come there and join you... with my sis, Avalon too! (She's not my real sister, but she lives in my house as a sis!) I am subscribing to your blog so I can see when you make a new post! We're technology-challenged over here, but we do the best we can! We're about to leave for a 2 week vacay tomorrow, but will be trying to keep up a little if we can figure out this new fangled thing Mom got! So great to meet you again and look forward to get to know you better!
    Big Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie and the gang here

  4. Another day by the water... lucky dogs. :D


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