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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pull or Heel?

My new humans are totally backwards from what I'm used to. You know how you humans have driving on the left side of the road in England or Australia and the right side of the road in America/Europe? Imagine driving one way your whole life and then switching! Wait, this switch is even more confusing than that. Imagine driving on the wrong side of the road AND having your gas and break pedal switched!

Okay, its like this. All my life I've had to pull my humans out for our daily walk. I pulled my humans everywhere. It was my duty and I did it well. They must of loved it because when I compared myself to other humans with pulling dogs, I was a much better puller than their dogs were. My humans even tested me by buying me a prong collar and trust me, I stuck to my duty and pulled right through the pain. I have a callous to prove it.

I was so good at pulling and then, well, my new humans are the reverse kind. You know how you see those dogs that walk beside their humans? I never really understood why, but I know now. You see, when I start to pull my humans, they start going BACKWARDS!?!!! As soon as I back up and stand right beside them or behind them, they go forwards again. I'm sure you can imagine how confusing this was. I tried to fix them and get them used to my amazing pulling skills but they're definitely not the kind I'm used to. Every time I pull they go backwards and tell me to "heel".

I've figured it out for the most part and I'm trying to remember to get them to walk forward by walking beside them. They call it "heeling." Its so weird. I'm sure many of you dogs can relate if you've switched humans in your life time. Tell me, do you prefer pulling or heeling?

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  1. PULL!!! hehehe... I guess humans say heel though. :)


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