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Thursday, August 12, 2010


I have awesome teeth. Seriously. I have tested it. When my new humans first adopted me, they bought me a BRAND NEW shiny black leash. You know new leashes have no fraying or anything right? Well, in 17 seconds flat I chewed through it. Since then I've chewed through a green leash, a purple leash, a rope, a black thing that looked like a leash and um...well, give me any color and I can guarantee chew through it in under 30 seconds. Don't worry though--I won't bite children or robbers or anyone. Just leashes....well, and couch cushions...and rugs. My new humans won't buy me any new leashes now...which kind of sucks because I really would love some more chewing. Does anyone have any suggestions on other good things I could try my awesome teeth on?


  1. Hi Emerald,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Welcome to the blogosphere.I am so glad you have found some humans who are giving you a voice. I have a feeling you are well on your way to the best life ever. I am not really a chewer, but my brother Sluggo is. He chewed an entire leather sectional that my Mom and Dad are still paying for and it is long gone. I also get all aggressive when anyone gets a bone around here.
    But, I understand bully sticks are quite tasty, also deer antlers look good too. There are some tough chewies out there too made from fire hydrant hose, I forgot the name.

  2. Awesome!! Thanks for your feedback.... you are my first comment ever! If you were here I would do a trick for you!! I will keep my nose open for any of those. I need a challenging chew. :)

  3. I used to chew things like that. Lucky for my pack I don't anymore. I would always get into trouble... :((

    One time I chewed on this expensive book my pack was borrowing from a furend. I ruined the corners, and mum had buy a new one. Well, I guess they got a book out of that... although, they don't see it that way....


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