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Monday, August 23, 2010

Treat Me!!

The other day Mom and Dad cooked some sausages for themselves and then realized they didn't really like them so of-course Tierra and I kindly offered to eat them all.

Unfortunately they declined giving them all at once. Dad put them in the freezer and every now and then he would pull one out and chop it up for us to eat.

We were always thinking about those remaining sausages, so on Saturday when Mom took the whole bag out of the freezer and thawed them all out, we were delighted. Tierra and I could smell them on the counter all day so when Mom approached them we were ready and at her feet.

We watched her work and sat politely, waiting VERY VERY VERRRY patiently as she SLOWLY chopped them up into thin little slices and laid them all carefully on two platters. Tierra and I were SURE she was going to give us each a platter.

By the time she finished slicing the last sausage we were drooling with anticipation. You won't believe this. She only gave us ONE puny, little slice!!

She then she fed the WHOLE two platters to this horrible noisy guy that snored all night long. We couldn't sleep because the cruel snoring thing had breath that made the whole house smell like the mouth-watering delicacies he had eaten. It was awful yet delicious breath.

You won't believe it though. The next morning, Mom woke up the snoring thing and our sausages were still there!

She fed us a couple. They had shrunk a bit but they were absolutely amazing-melt-in-your-throat- savoury-delicious!! Really! They were indescribably better tasting then before.

Now Mom has them in her treat bag and she makes us work for them but let me tell you, it is worth doing ANYTHING for those sausages. I mean ANYTHING.

Now, if any of you dogs are dozing, listen up. I really need a favour from you. My Mom said she would bake me some dog treats if I could get her a good recipe... SO I would love it if you would do me the honour of sharing your very most favourite dog treat recipe. Mom said she will make them all and I'm going to hold her to it!

Thanks for reading today's lab blab. :)


  1. I love dehydrating treats for the dogs - thats awesome you do that too!
    What are some of the dogs favorite ingredients and I will give you a treat recipe with that ingredient in it. I make homeade treats prolly once a week and have collected many recipes - mine are all gran free as well.

  2. Hello there! We found you via the Pet Blog Hop and boy are we glad we did! We live with two labs and a beagle dog!

    Lu-Lu & Lucius

  3. @ Hound Girl: We are big fans of fish and eggs. Does that help?

    @ Feral Female: Thank you! :)

  4. Oooh, that snoring machine looks like it does some good work. We love liver treats. Straight up liver. Bison is my favorite.I bet that thing could work wonders with some nice organic local liver. Probably won't smell as good as the sausage though.

  5. What a great idea! Now if I only had a food dehydrator.

  6. Elina, you're hilarious! Love Mom

  7. Oh the temptation of the snoring machine, always teasing and never giving. Glad you finally got some sausages, what a great treat! (even if you have to work for them)


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