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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Diaper Doggie

Mom & Dad have finally realized why I've been so moody and Alpha-like lately. They'd been suspecting it for a while...Now the evidence is as plain as day.

Okay, I'm shy...maybe I'll just show you the pictures and you can just guess.

No, I am not being potty trained. Good guess though. When my pawrents took me home a month ago, I had never lived in a house. We moved in our basement suite on August 3rd (3 weeks ago) and of-course, I didn't know it was against the rules to pee on the floor. I peed on the floor ONCE and mom gasped loud enough to almost scare me hairless... She didn't mean to scare me but it wasn't funny. I'll never pee in the house again.
I'm actually wearing a diaper for an entirely different reason.

I'm in heat. (Proestrus)
Its actually my second heat already. :) I'm a real grown up dog now.

I finally know why mom and dad were checking my butt every day.

I think I look great in this diaper. I really should send these pictures to a doggie diaper catalogue.


  1. Thanks for stopping by... following you back!

  2. Hey girl.... Miz Becky is in heat here to this week! Mom used to own labs and has a little passion for them. Infact her story this week is about a poor lab named Scotland who is a service dog who got attacked.

    <3 Miss Kodee @Bark'n About


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